The Haining in Spring

Holiday Apartment to rent at The Haining



The Haining is a wonderful place to stay at any time of the year to explore the beautiful Scottish Borders.

Telephone: 01896 668271 for details.

The History of The Haining  

The Haining lies in the Ettrick Valley, 30 miles south of Edinburgh, and just over 20 miles north of the border with England. Once covered by a great forest that extended further than the limits of the present county, this vale was for centuries a regal game preserve, with rich hunting and also good fishing in the four large rivers, the Tweed, the Teviot, the Yarrow and the Ettrick.

Poem for The Haining    

The Cheesy Larder

Thomas Fraser, age 4
winner of
"Name the peom"


In the loft in a house called The Haining,
A mouse spent his life a’ feigning
The poor fella had fleas
And went in search of some cheese
(This was all a big part of his training.)

He tried harder and harder to find the cheese larder
And finally found it with ease.
But when he opened the door,
Out fell onto the floor,
A rat with a hat crying, “Please…

“…Forgive me,” he stuttered, then pointed away
To a chair in the corner of the room.
There sat still on a stool,
With a dress filled with frills
Was a lady napping next to a broom.

“Not me” he shivered, which made the mouse quiver
And woke up the frilly-faced hag.
“It was she, stole the cheese,
And covered you with fleas,”
And with that, they both fled to the moon.

Haining Ancestor Restored to Pride of Place    

Thanks to some vital restoration work, the portrait of Eva Stropp, the German-born wife of the Haining owner, Professor Andrew Seth Pringle-Pattison, can once again stand proudly overlooking the drawing room of The Haining.

Unfortunately the portrait, which is of great sentimental value for the house, had succumbed through the years, to damage caused by mould and rising damp within its glass frame work, which was slowly destroying the work of art. 

Living descendants of Mr Pringle-Pattison have taken steps to have the painting repaired, allowing her likeness to join the gallery of other descendants on display within the house.


Katie Ward    

Katie Ward : RSA Residency at The Haining from arts-news on Vimeo.