The Haining in Winter
Haining Loch   The Walking Tree The Haining in Winter

Border Life: Stories from the South of Scotland.



The Haining At Home Exhibition is shown here 9.25 minutes into this programme.

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The History of The Haining  

The Haining lies in the Ettrick Valley, 30 miles south of Edinburgh, and just over 20 miles north of the border with England. Once covered by a great forest that extended further than the limits of the present county, this vale was for centuries a regal game preserve, with rich hunting and also good fishing in the four large rivers, the Tweed, the Teviot, the Yarrow and the Ettrick.

Holiday Apartment to Rent at The Haining    

The Ettrick is a beautifully furnished, 2 bedroomed apartment on The Haining estate at Selkirk in The Scottish Borders. The estate is within 5 to 10 minutes walking distance of the town centre. The apartment is on the upper level of what was once the stable block and overlooks the Haining Loch. Guests have full access to The Haining grounds which are a nature lovers paradise.

Telephone: 01750 725852 for details or click on this link to book.

The Apartment is very well equipped.  The modern kitchen has everything that you need to enjoy your holiday, including an Espresso machine for your morning (of afternoon) coffee. The comfortable bedrooms can be configured as two twin rooms or one twin and one kingsize.  The bathroom is fresh and modern.   The large lounge/dining room is welcoming and comes complete with a log fire for those cosy winter evenings, has WiFi access, a TV and DVD player with a selection of DVDs. All linen and towels are provided.


Welcome Home Dandie Dinmonts    

One of the world's rarest breeds of dogs is being celebrated in the Borders. It has been said that every Dandie Dinmont terrier can trace its roots back to a pair of dogs from The Haining country estate near Selkirk.

The breed was made famous by author Sir Walter Scott and the many celebrated owners include Queen Victoria and Agatha Christie.

Mary Morrison : Haining at Home    

Mary Morrison introduces the Haining At Home exhibition, which showcases a range of pieces created for the home by local crafters and makers. Featuring glass, ceramics, textiles and woodwork, the items on display exemplify some of the creative talent found in the Borders. The exhibition was curated by Inge Panneels.

The Three Estates Walk    

Selkirk Regeneration Company, the Haining Charitable Trust, Buccleuch Estates, and the Philiphaugh Trust have formed a partnership with the aim of constructing a shared use (walkers and cyclists) bridge over the Yarrow Water just above the Cauld.

The Three Estates Walk will give everyone wider access to enjoy the natural and cultural attractions of the Haining Estate, Bowhill House and Country Park, the Salmon Viewing Centre and Battle of Philiphaugh Interpretation.

The proposed bridge will link to the existing footbridge at Gilkeekit by contruction of a new path. The bridge will open up a wide range of existing routes allowing the general public to walk in a circle from Selkirk by way of the lower Yarrow and Ettrick valleys. The sketch below shows the proposed route.

In this first stage of the project we need to undertake a feasibility study and are looking for public support for this idea to enhance our applicaton for financial assistance from Scottish and Southern Energy through their Sustainable Development Fund.

The feasibility study will produce a detailed bill of quantities and a construction design, allowing us to take the project to the next stage.

If you feel that a footbridge across the Yarrow and a new section of walkway to Gilkeekit is a good idea, please show your support by signing our petition here.

Charity Begins at Home    

The Haining in Selkirk, has been given an internal spruce over on the top floor thanks to anenthusiastic group of Painting and Decorating students from Borders College, who have been working on decorating 4 of the bedrooms on the top floor.  A group of 12 students spent 1 day a week over three weeks completing the work, overseen by tutor Barbara Hastie.

By arrangement with the HCT (The Haining Charitable Trust), the scholars, who are undertaking a Full-time Painting & Decorating NPA Level (Nation Progression Award), assisted The Haining with much needed decoration work for the upstairs rooms.  The students are not currently employed but are looking to enhance their skills and knowledge to help them pursue a career in Painting & Decorating.

“This Charitable work allows them to culminate the skills they have learned on the course and experience a real life work scenario.   At the same time it enhances their employability skills,” says Mrs Hastie

Lawrence Robertson : The Haining    

Lawrence Robertson : The Haining from arts-news.

Katie Ward    

Katie Ward : RSA Residency at The Haining.