Vision: Art Gallery and Visitors Centre

The first phase of the regeneration of the estate will begin in 2012 with the development of the redundant Coach House and Loose Boxes, part of the historic Category A Listed Stables.

Listed Building Consent and Planning Permission have been granted for the careful conversion of these spaces into workshop and office units for small local businesses.

The HCT are delighted to have received indicative offers of grant funding from Historic Scotland and the European Regional Development Fund.  Further funding is being sought, with a view to undertaking the work in 2012. This small development will provide space for creative businesses in an attractive setting, adding to the diversity of life on the Estate, whilst generating rental income which will help the community, cultural and educational elements of the larger project.

First Floor Cafe
Public Use
House and setting support arts use
Volume and quality of light
Appropriate spatial organization
Unmannered interiors

Ground Floor


Stables and Dairy Courtyard

A Bat & Bird Survey has been carried out in the Stables to ensure that nesting Swallows, Pipistrelle and Brown Long Eared Bats are protected.

The HCT are also working towards a solution for the algae problem in Haining Loch. A survey has been commissioned and research will be carried out over the next year to determine remedial action to reduce the effects of the algae.

Stables Stables



Dairy Courtyard